This year we're back to November in the Perth Town Hall with thanks to the City of Perth. We're busy planning what's going to be happening that week and we know one thing right now, it's going to be great!

So make sure you save Saturday the 25th of November as it'll be a games festival to remember!

Coordinated by the crew at Let’s Make Games, this event has something for everyone; you can play a pile of PC and mobile games, join tables full of card and board games, get your hands on home-made arcade machines and jump right into virtual reality.

Plus for those folk interested in making games, you can meet the developers, listen in on panels, and find out how you can create your very own gaming experiences!

And the best part? Entry is still free!

The Details

Where: Perth Town Hall, cnr of Barrack St & Hay St, Perth
When: Saturday November 25, 2017. 10am - 5pm.
Cost: Entry is free!

The Perth Town Hall is a wheelchair accessible venue, and plans are being made to once again include Auslan Interpreters for our panels.

More details will be available soon, but information on accessibility from our 2016 Festival is available here. For futher enquiries, please contact the Festival Committee directly via

The Latest News

The Games

Here's many of the games seen at the 2016 Perth Games Festival.  We'll be updating the website with this year's crop of games closer to the event!

Generations, by SAE Creative Media Students


SAE Creative Media Students

A dark scifi world of environmental puzzles




A colourful tabletop game full of cogs and cleverness

Doggo, SAE Creative Media Institute


SAE Creative Media Students

Be a black Labrador, collect things, be unhelpful

Murdoch University, Boss Party

Boss Party

Murdoch University

A quirky multiplayer brawler that is sure to be a big hit


Collateral Damage

Artisans Games

An other-worldly hover-bot arena brawler

42 BYTES - LastDriverz

Last Driverz

42 Bytes

How far can you get on the zombie-infested highway?

Byte Sprite, BrambleLash


Byte Sprite

Get ready to battle in the backyard. Connect, co-operate or betray to win

Outback Pixels, Thwart Geo

Thwart Geo

Outback Pixels

Frustratingly addictive skill-based arcade-styled shooter

Working at Heights

Working at Heights

Sentient Computing

Get up high without leaving the ground thanks to virtual reality

Symphony of the Machine

Symphony of the Machine

Stirfire Studios

A puzzling machine that controls the weather

Toilet Town Showdown - South Metro TAFE

ToiletTown Showdown

South Metropolitan TAFE

A classic tale of a toilet avenging his mother’s death in the Ol' West

Murdoch University, Night Before Simulator

Night Before Simulator

Murdoch University

Battle your inner demons and finish that last-minute assignment



Ludocity Showcase

A festival-wide rock paper scissor competition, winner grows their moustache!

Ino-Co, Codex of Victory

Codex of Victory

AKPublish pty ltd

Scifi warfare featuring big bots and bigger battles

Murdoch University, Below


Murdoch University

Trap, craft, evade and more importantly DIG below and survive!

Hoodwinked Studios, Starlost


Hoodwinked Studios

Tower defense and bullet hell, but in space!


Samurai Showdown

Murdoch University

A competitive puzzle-masher where speed and accuracy are key

Concrete Games, Blunder Down Under

Blunder Down Under

Concrete Games

Survive the Outback with a sense of humour

Hyperdash Heroes

Hyperdash Heroes

Moss Wolf Games

Dash up walls and smash through obstacles in a hyper-coloured future


Small Gods

Murdoch University

Lead your people to victory and immortalise yourself in the process

Little Fort - The Ballad of Crater

The Ballad of Crater

Little Fort

Quirky top down action adventure twin stick shooter!

Ultimate Ninja

Ultimate Ninja

Ludocity Showcase

Battle with a single motion, and become the ultimate ninja!


Cat in the Act

Murdoch University

Frustrate you human, break her things and steal all her fish

Switch! Card Game

Switch! Card Game


A colourful combination of luck and strategy

Vectonic - Year of the Bob


Year of the Bob

Vibrant, crushing multiplayer with emojis and more

Little Bit Lost, King Tide Studio

Little Bit Lost

King Tide Studios

An ant-punching, garden-exploring survival game of epic proportions

+7 Software - Final Days

Final Days

+7 Software

Spend your last moments in this intense multiplayer shooter.

Desert Child

Desert Child

Oscar Britain

Prerelease game brought to you by Playup Perth

Bridge Wars

Bridge Wars

Offpeak Games

Defend against an army of elementals with your magical katana

Jacob Janerka, Paradigm


Jacob Janerka

Surreal point-and-click adventure in post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe

Pocket Troll

Pocket Troll

Cheeky Monster Games

A digital tabletop game where trolls each children. Oh no!

Bear Tooth Studios, Super Salmon Migration

Super Salmon Migration

Bear-Tooth Studios

Swim, survive, and dress up your Salmon


Merchants of Fury

Murdoch University

Get revenge on the player character as a merchant gone rogue



Ludocity Showcase

Join us on the grass for slow motion blindfolded jousting

Concrete Games, Corporate Combat

Corporate Combat

Concrete Games

Get a kick out of your work week with this office arcade fighter


Screen Pirates

Liquid Squirrel Developers

Take over the seas and your opponents viewport

Dark Mirror Games, Banishment


Dark Mirror Games

Exorcise demons in this co-operative cardgame


Light of Dark

Murdoch University

Keep your light glowing and conquer your fear, before fear conquers you


Mont Trottoir

Ludocity Showcase

Climb the tallest mountain by scaling the sidewalk




Join the everyday adventures of a super hero

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Darren Broad

A prerelease card game brought to you by Playup Perth

Dream Tetra, Vortel

Dream Starter

Vortel Delve 3D DreamStarter

Virtual and Augmented reality come together

Professor Papillion

Butterfly Effect

South Metropolitan TAFE

Help! Professor Papillion's butteryflies are on the loose!

Asteroids, South Metropolitan TAFE


South Metropolitan TAFE

Be part of the team making space safe since 2150.

Bubble Boy, South Metropolitan TAFE

Bubble Boy

South Metropolitan TAFE

Help the princess collect her lost items, and save the day

Copter Hopper

Copter Hopper

South Metropolitan TAFE

It's tough being a pilot these days

Flauntlet, South Metropolitan TAFE


South Metropolitan TAFE

An old school style retro hack and slash

Dodge, South Metropolitan TAFE


South Metropolitan TAFE

How long can you survive in space?

ICKO, South Metropolitan TAFE


South Metropolitan TAFE

Navigate the maze, make your way to the stargate, STAY ALIVE!

Luna Lander

Luna Lander

South Metropolitan TAFE

Land yourself an classic retro remake

Exotic Matters

Exotic Matters

Esquire Games

Jump aboard a dieselpunk, Transdimentional Railway

Supernova Pac, South Metropolitan TAFE

Supernova Pac

South Metropolitan TAFE

A familiar looking pac on a round-about journey

Nostalgia Box Retro Games

Retro Showcase

Nostalgia Box

Indulge in a selection of retro games thanks to Nostalgia Box

Scope, South Metropolitan TAFE


South Metropolitan TAFE

Aim straight and true to defeat the demonic hordes

Space Ponies, South Metropolitan TAFE

Space Ponies Must Die

South Metropolitan TAFE

Side-scrolling space shooting, but with ponies

Spider Socks, South Metropolitan TAFE

Spider Socks

South Metropolitan TAFE

Save humanity from an eight-legged future

Jumping Bean

Jumping Beans

South Metropolitan TAFE

Fire up and collect what you need for the bus

CoderDojo WA - Games made by kids!

The Hungry Shark

CoderDojo WA

Games made by WA kids!

Games made by WA kids!

Rogue Trooper

CoderDojo WA

Games made by WA kids!

Fire Tech Camp Australia

Tech Ed for Kids

Fire Tech Camp Australia

Find out about courses for kids on technology and games!

Rhetoric Chiptunes Music

Chiptune Music


It's not games, but music made from game sounds and equipment ♫

...your game here?


Look forward to even more games coming next year~!

Special Thanks

Here's the crew that keep the Festival cruising..

These brave folk have volunteered their expertise, sanity and valuable gaming time (playing and/or developing) to organise the Perth Games Festival.
Be sure to say hello to them on the day; it’s the best way to avoid an unexpected Boss Battle.

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