October 1st, 2016

We are returning once again in 2016, at the Perth Town Hall! So get ready to uncover the best that gaming and game development in Western Australia has to offer.

Coordinated by the crew at Let’s Make Games, this event has something for everyone; you can play a pile of PC and mobile games, join tables full of card and board games, get your hands on home-made arcade machines and jump right into virtual reality.

Plus for those folk interested in making games, you can meet the developers, listen in on panels, and find out how you can create your very own gaming experiences!

And the best part? Entry is free!

The Details

Where: Perth Town Hall, cnr of Barrack St & Hay St, Perth
When: October 1, 2016. 10am - 5pm.
Cost: Entry is free!

The Perth Town Hall is a wheelchair accessible venue, and plans are being made to once again include Auslan Interpreters for our panels.

More details will be available soon, but information on accessibility from our 2015 Festival is available here. For futher enquiries, please contact the Festival Committee directly via hello@perthgamesfestival.com.au

The Games

What kind of games will you find at the Perth Games Festival?

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2016 games list! In the mean time, you can check out the excellent games showcased in 2015 below.


Arbalest 3035

Bear-Tooth Studios

Pretty multiplayer space pew pew


Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

Black Lab Games




Connect with foliage friends to slice sludgy enemies



Hungry Sky

Can you get all the cats to sleep, in this charming puzzle game? (^._.^)ノ

Ino-Co - Gunspell



Defeat fantasy beasts with modern weapons in this RPG Puzzle game

Stirfire Studios - D3bug


Stirfire Studio

Use some creating hack, and the debug gun, to restore the digital environment


Blitz Bandits


GET BLITZ'D in this Gameboy-styled 2 player arena shooter!

Blockaganda, by Tripleqmark Productions


Tripleqmark Productions

Politics, the boardgame: Blast the populace with reasons to vote!

Alien Forest Explorer

Alien Forest Explorer


A collection of gamejam games, including an alien adventure!

One Night Only - The Scientists

One Night Only

The Scientists

Grab the mic in this Fremantle-inspired stand-up comedy game



Jacob Janerka

A point and click adventure for the handsome mutant in all of us


Mr Nibbles Forever

Epic Shrimp

Run Mr Nibbles, run and be free!



Level Headed Games

A fun word game that combines arts & crafts with criminal activity

Birdend - Curtin University


Curtin University

2 cute animals, 1 dark twisted underworld



SK Games

Use your special cat-controller to feed the kittens



Moss Wolf Games

Rocket off for some multiplayer orbital space combat

Rift Runner - AltF4 Interactive

Rift Runner

AltF4 Interactive

Follow the flow in this underwater endless runner

Citrus Shark - Long Live the Empire

Long Live the Empire

Citrus Shark

Control the flow of resources to sustain your galactic empire.

Gadget Games - Down to One

Down to One

Gadget Games

42 players enter, only one can leave.

+7 Software - Final Days

Final Days

+7 Software

Spend your last moments in this intense multiplayer shooter.

The Drowning Dungeons - Savage Cabbage

The Drowning Dungeons

Savage Cabbage

See if you can escape the dungeon...

Sandbox - Intergalactic Express

Intergalactic Express

Sandbox Software

Need a new job? Why not start a galactic trading empire.

Gnomic Studios - Square Heroes

Square Heroes

Gnomic Studios

Shape up for some Multiplayer Mayhem


Bellus Mortem

Rhabdophobic Wizards

Shoot spells, explode opponents!


CoderDojo WA

CoderDojo WA

Various games by CoderDojo WA Ninjas (Aged between 7-17yrs).




Gear up for a cognitive boardgame available in two sizes: Standard, and LUDICROUS!



Offpeak Games

The first-person jousting game you never knew you needed (but trust us, you do)

MagnetiseMe - Sponsored by FTI

Magnetise Me

Amani Naseem

Grab a friend and dance in time, with limbs aligned!

Jelly Stomp - Sponsored by FTI

Jelly Stomp

Amani Naseem

Stomp your opponent's Jellyfish, save your own~

The Whistler - Sponsored by FTI

The Whistler

Amani Naseem

A night time horror adventure. Bookings essential!

...your game here?


We will be updating this list with even more games soon!

Other Events

The Perth Games Festival has been working very hard with some of the incredible people in Perth to run other events alongside the festival.

Last year's events included The Whistler., a live horror game where you explore, discover, run, hide, sneak, cooperate, and ultimately attempt to not die.

2015 also saw the first Extended Play Unconference following the festival. This was a playful event at which everyone was welcome to come along, discuss and share their thoughts on games, the universe and everything.

Extended Play Header

The Sponsors

Interested in supporting the West Australian games industry, and connecting with the local games community? Get in contact with us about Sponsoring the 2016 Perth Games Festival!


The Perth Games Festival would not be possible without the support of the local community and industry. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following organisations for joining us to make this free community event possible...

The City of Perth


Logo: Let's Make Games


Special Thanks

Here's the crew that keep the Festival cruising..

These brave folk have volunteered their expertise, sanity and valuable gaming time (playing and/or developing) to organise the Perth Games Festival.
Be sure to say hello to them on the day; it’s the best way to avoid an unexpected Boss Battle.

Contact Us

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