Hello and Welcome to the Perth Games Festival for 2015!


I’m sitting here at my computer with this welcome post the last job to do before we launch the new site and just kind of stuck on what to say.  We’ve prepped the new site, prepared a shiny new media release, written a nice form for everyone to register their interest to exhibit, opened up dedicated twitter and facebook accounts and even prepared a mailing list if you want to be updated directly in your inbox.  The only thing I haven’t done is finish writing this welcome post and I’ll be honest, that’s because this is difficult to write.

And that’s because I’m stepping into pretty big shoes, Anthony Sweet was the previous ring-leader of Lets Make Games and he ran a pretty tight ship (now he writes ships in tight situations!) and while I had the pleasure of working with Anthony on last year’s PGF and this year’s Global Game Jam in my usual logistical capacity it only further emphasized the sheer mountain of work he completed year after year.  But I know everything will be fine, both Becky and Jess have returned to assist with organising PGF and I couldn’t ask for a better team (they have already been handed their pickaxes).  All I need to do is put everything I’ve done over the years into practice as the person in charge ^_^;

So here’s the important announcement, the Perth Games Festival will be held on Saturday the 28th of November at the Perth Town Hall (mark that date down now, or add it to your gcal!) and with thanks to the City of Perth you will still be able to enter, check out the games and chat to developers for free!  We have made a few small changes, for starters this year we’re taking up the entire Perth Town Hall (both floors!) and we have already changed our floor plan so you will be (in theory) less cramped both demonstrating and checking out the great games Perth has to offer.

So what will you see at this year’s festival?  Well we’re working towards organising one or two developer focused events during the week on the lead-up to the Saturday, hopefully presenting talks and providing opportunities to chat and meet other developers.  Then when it comes to the showcase you will see local developers showing their newest games, games that need dice, games that have been put together the night before, games that make you think, and some devs might even return with a game from the previous year so you can see how far it’s come since the last festival.  And we’re working to incorporate more analog and pervasive forms of gaming into the festival.  What I know for sure is that Western Australia has plenty of amazing game developers from all ages and walks of life and coming together for the festival will be a pretty fun time for all.

In the meantime we’ll get back to organising PGF, don’t hesitate to follow those links in my opening paragraph and if you want to drop us a line hello@perthgamesfestival.com.au is always open.

I look forward to working with you all this year!
Hope you’re having a good one!

Jon Hayward
Festival Director

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