PGF 2015 – Now Seeking Sponsorship

Quick, simple and to the point, the Perth Games Festival is now seeking sponsorship! Part of what makes the PGF so great is that it is the result of the community coming together to share local works, and support our growing creative industry. So in order to pull off the ideas we have planned, and to make sure this year’s event is an even bigger success than last time, we need your support!

So what will Sponsorship help PGF do?

Well first things first, it will go a long way to help ensure this year’s main event is a special, fun and enjoyable time for all. On top of that, we intend to build on our panels from last year, and have some more great people share their wisdom on the local game scene. We want to make sure these Speakers are treated well, and there are plans to bring over a couple of interstate speakers! We also are planning some interesting ways of promoting this year’s games festival in November, not to mention wanting to plaster the town with posters and the walls of facebook with info on what’s going on. We also have some other secret plans for Festival day, and while we can’t reveal them right now you can be sure it’ll be great fun.

(Click here to down the PGF 2015 Sponsorship Document)

What do you get out of being a Sponsor?

In addition to that warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting local creatives, sponsoring the festival has a range of benefits. Depending on the sponsorship level, lending your assistance could gain you prime logo placement on the site and promotional documents, content space in the event program, or even a name-share in the festival!

There are of course many other rewards to being a sponsor, so if you’re interested check out our information booklet to your right! It also goes into more detail about the Perth Games Festival, what we did last year and what we’re looking to do this year.

To put your name down to sponsor the Festival…

Simply fill out a Sponsorship Agreement Form and we will be in contact with you shortly.  Alternatively, contact Becky, Jess and myself via if you would like to have a chat first.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jon Hayward
Director – 2015 Perth Games Festival

PGF 2015 - Exhibitor Applications now Open!
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