Announcing The B Side – Extended Play: A Playful Unconference

The Perth Games Festival was created as a way of showcasing the best games Perth has to offer to the community at large, for several years we came together to hold a showcase, usually at e-central Tafe, and afterwards we would vanish only to be seen again at the christmas party.

Last year however, after we had cleaned up the Perth Town Hall, many of the developers decended on a local bar and sat around discussing the day we had, each others games and other interesting topics. This was a nice change of pace compared with the very busy day.

The festival is a lot of work for the game developers of Perth and doesn’t give much opportunity to discuss, debate and enjoy work, theory and implementation of games and play with each other. However after last year’s Festival a very smart person thought “wouldn’t it be good if we could continue the discussion some more?”. To that aim Louie and Sophie from Backyard.SK proposed an additional event, but this being SK no ordinary event would fit, it had to be something small, simple and social that would encourage participation.

Extended Play PosterSo I’m happy to tell you all about Extended Play: A Playful Unconference that will run on Sunday Afternoon following the festival at Backyard.SK. The concept is simple, we all show up at the venue and then anyone in attendance can propose a 10 minute talk or short workshop on anything they choose. From there we have a couple of locations so we can run two or so streams of content and then we start talking. If you’re not interested in what’s being presented just walk into the other room and check that out or just start a discussion with others. It’s simple, straight forward and Louie plans to be burning meat and veg on a BBQ in the evening.

Anyone can attend Extended Play as it’s the breadth of experience that makes an unconference special.  And you have to admit, it’s a pretty Perth way to talk about games and play ^_^

If you want to come and join us there’s no charge, details will be updated on this Facebook event. But for those people without facebook;

  • What: Extended Play – A Game Development Unconference.
  • Where: Backyard.SK – 167 Fitzgerald St, Perth, Australia 6005.
  • When: Sunday the 29th of November. Doors open from 1200, talks start from 1300. Night is over from 2200.
  • Who: People who are interested in game development, play or just hangin’ out / talking on topics.
  • How Much: Entry is free, BBQ by donation.

This event is run by Backyard.SK with support from FTI and Lets Make Games.

Say Hello (and thanks) to our Wonderful Sponsors