The Games of Festival Past: Part 3

With the Perth Games Festival now less than a month away it’s time to saddle up, ready our lances, and charge ahead with Part 3 of our Games of Festival Past series!



Since featuring at the festival last year Valiant – the mounted medieval combat game for the Oculus Rift – has thundered across the local development scene, leaving a cloud of praise in its wake. After being Greenlit in January the developers, Offpeak Games, received a placement in the Amcom Upstart program, and more recently were awarded a grant from the new OOMPF! Games fund!

Valiant has been a popular download on Oculus Share, and the team will be launching their Kickstarter for the final game very soon! So keep an eye out, because OffPeak Games will be back again for the 2015 Festival, and you will once again be able to get your hands on the ultimate medieval madness VR experience.


15508572876_32fb2487c8_zSquare Heroes

A source of constant temptation to the volunteers staffing the welcome desk at last year’s festival, this squaretastic multiplayer arena shooter proved immensely popular with PGF attendees. The game was launched on Desura in October 2014, then cornered the market on Greenlit and released on Steam earlier this year.

Square Heroes has been highly successful since release, having received a nomination for Best Game at the 27th West Australian Screen Awards. It is currently available right now on Steam for PC, Mac & Linux, and they will be bringing their 4-player mayhem back for this year’s festival. Woo!


15508583746_d5578023d5_zLeave ’em Laughing

Imagine the love child of Seinfeld and The Secret of Monkey Island, raised on a diet of sunshine and salt from our very own locale of Fremantle, Western Australia. Imagine that and it may get you some way to understanding this comedic adventure game, renamed One Night Only since last year’s PGF.

After festival goers were introduced to the life of stand up comedian Nelson Jones, local developer Oscar Brittain has continued work on his project, with release expected in the near future. One Night Only was also recently featured at Playup Perth, a regular playtesting event for local game developers, and the developers are continuing to work on more unique gaming projects.


15346122438_7bb9f27027_zThe Awesome System

Ever wondered what sharks, heavy metal and a handful of dice have in common? Yeah, neither did we, but that all changed when we heard about The Awesome System by Shark Punch Studios! This Role Playing Game system let players experience a “reckless game of boundless, terrifying power”, which we imagine must feel something like strapping on an Evil Dead-esque chainsaw hand, pushing back a pair of mirrorshades, and hacking our way Stallone-style through a horde of flesh eating zombies. Or sharks. Heck, why not both!?

After its initial release in 2013 The Awesome System has undergone a few updates, with a revised edition out in January this year. Both physical and digital copies are available from Sharkpunch Studio’s website, so you can grab it now if you’re keen for an intense RPG adventure.


And with that we have reached the end of Part 3 of The Games of Festivals Past! Now there’s not long to go until the big day, so to get yourself in the zone for some great gaming times, why not check out the first set of titles we’ll be showcasing in 2015!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, who have helped make this free community event possible…

♥ THANK YOU Autodesk, City of Perth, Game City, Binary Space, Sentient Computing, Hungry Sky, AIE and Surprise Attack!  ♥


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