“Something Need Doing?” – 2015 PGF Volunteers Now Open!

Festival Team 2014

Hello Everyone,

The Perth Games Festival team has been hard at work getting everything prepared for the festival at the end of this month.  Awesome events have been planned, FTI has organised some incredible looking pervasive games to play and we have over 30 incredible developers showcasing their games on the 28th.

So this is where we need your help, we need wonderful people willing to spend their time making sure the developers have their booths setup, the panelists are prepped and ready and that every attendee will have a great time.  Ben has returned as the Volunteer Coordinator to make sure that you, the individual volunteer is well looked after, fed, rested and has every opportunity to also enjoy the day.

So what we need is simple, if you’re interested in volunteering at least half a day on the 28th of November at the Perth Games Festival, click on this link here [http://bit.ly/pgf2015npc] and fill out the form and we will be in contact shortly.

This will be fun, volunteering is always better with friends ^_^ I look forward to seeing you all there!

– Jon Hayward, Festival Director

[And once again, a special thanks to our Sponsors AutodeskCity of Perth, Game CityBinary Space, Hungry SkySentient Computing, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Surprise Attack, and FTI!]

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