Perth Games Festival Poster and Colouring Page now Available for Download!

PGF2015 Poster - by Hien PhamThe Perth Games Festival has been and gone, and what a wonderful experience it was. In the coming weeks we will have an event recap up on the site, plus recordings of the panels from the day for those who missed it.

On Saturday, you may have noticed the fantastic Perth Games Festival Poster adorning the entry way; this artwork was created by local illustrator Hien Pham, and features characters and references from all the games at the Festival, plus some of the committee members hiding in the crowd! On the day you could pick up the fancy version for a small donation, which will go towards supporting the artist and the local community.

Free versions of the poster are now available for download, as well as a super neat colouring in edition, so you can print your own at home. We would love to see how creative you (or the kids) can get with the colouring in version, so please show us how it looks when you’re done with it!

Click to download:

  2015 Festival Poster (A3)
→   2015 Festival Poster (A4)
→   Colouring In Edition (A4)

To get a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the Poster, head on over on Hien’s blog.
PGF2015 Colouring In Poster - by Hien Pham  PGF_ColourIn_1b PGF_ColourIn_2 PGF_ColourIn_3



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