Join the Team as a Festival Volunteer!

The Perth Games Festival is about coming together to enjoy great locally made games. This volunteer-run event simply could not happen without awesome folks lending a hand to make sure it all runs smoothly. So this is our official call…

The 2016 Festival is looking for wonderful volunteers (such as yourself) to join us and assist on the day!


What does volunteering involve?

Assisting on the day (October 1st) can range from helping set up booths for developers, to welcoming attendees to event, ensuring panelists are prepped and ready, to directing folks around the venue. We don’t expect everyone to be available for the entire day – we want you to get to play games too! So the day is split up into two shifts of morning and afternoon, and there will be a range of jobs to do throughout the day.

As thanks for your hard work on the day, Volunteers will be provided with lunch, receive an exclusive achievement badge, are invited to the Festival after party, and of course will receive the adoration of the Festival Committee. We are also working on some other bonuses, but we shall let you know of those closer to the day.


How do I sign up?

→ Simply complete the Volunteer Sign Up Form!

It is our job to make sure that you are well looked after, fed, rested and have every opportunity to also enjoy the day. So if you have any questions, email us and we shall assist!

We look forward to seeing you at the Perth Games Festival~

Announcing the first sponsors of the 2016 Festival!
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