Introducing our Platinum Sponsor, Murdoch University!

It’s not long until the 2016 Perth Games Festival hits, so without further ado we would like to introduce you to the epic, the wonderful, the excellent Platinum Sponsor for the event – Murdoch University. Their staff and students are always enthusiastic about getting involved with the local games community, and we are excited to have them join us again this year. In fact, not only are they backing the festival, their students will once again be showcasing the great games they have been working on this year!

So THANK YOU Murdoch University, for supporting the games community of Western Australia, and training the next generation of game-makers!

Murdoch University, Boss Party       murdoch_smallgods_sm       Murdoch University, Night Before Simulator       murdoch_lightofdark_sm

So Murdoch does have to say about their games courses?

The Games Art and Design course at Murdoch University takes you through the entire game development journey, from ideas and concepts through to prototypes, mods, and finished games. Exploring the full art and design pipeline, you’ll look at concept art, character and environment design, 3D modelling, animation and rigging, level design, game engine integration, game studies and critique, and the playtesting methods you’ll need to make sure your games deliver a stunning experience.

For those looking to take their games to the next level, Murdoch’s Graduate Diploma in Games and Apps Production focusses on launching a game into the market. You’ll build entrepreneurial skills in business management and marketing, as well as the specific development best-practices to execute market-driven games and launch them globally.

Murdoch University, Below       murdoch_merchantsoffury_sm       murdoch_samuraishowdown_sm       murdoch_catintheact_sm


And of course, we would like to once again thank our other excellent sponsors:

ShowGizmoHealthEnginePAX AusSurprise Attack, and Binary Space

ScitechFire Tech Camp Australia, and Autodesk

Pale Blue Dot Games, Sentient Computing, and Unity

Realmz Escape Room, Nostalgia Box, and Isaac Turner Design.


Without the contribution of these sponsors, the Perth Games Festival just would not be possible, so we mean it when we say THANK YOU!

Panels, Auslan Interpreter Tour, and a Festival Expansion!
More wonderful sponsors join the 2016 Festival!

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