We Need You!

Hello Everyone,

This is a call out for additional people to be assisting us with this year’s Perth Games Festival on the committee.  The festival’s showcase day will be on the 25th of November at the Perth Town Hall but we have events surrounding that day.  

If you are unsure and do not have the experience, we are willing to work with you to show you what needs to be done.  You just need to have spare time on a regular basis leading up to the event.

We are in need of people in the following areas;

Sponsorship Officer

In charge of speaking with potential sponsors, finding sponsorship opportunities and ensuring PGF is implementing the sponsorship correctly.

Marketing Manager

Does working with graphic designers, advertising distributors, media sources and facebook sound up your alley? We need someone willing to help design and wrangle our marketing program.

Volunteer Coordinator

We need someone wanting to help handle the masses of awesome people who help us out each year.  Make sure the volunteers are well informed, fed and looked after for any of the events we run.

If you’re interested drop a line to jon@letsmakegames.org

p.s: pictured are the amazing Jess and Cassie, our Festival Coordinator and Exhibitor Wrangler for 2016.

Call for Exhibitors!
And we Return for 2017