Panels, Podcasts and Boardgames, Oh My!

We still have so many exciting announcements for you, so today we’re packing a few into one post. As a quick run down before you get into the full post:

  1. Our full lineup of four talks and panels (all AUSLAN-interpreted)
  2. Two live podcasts on the main stage!
  3. Boardgames, playtesting and chillaxing at the City of Perth Library!

tl; dr: Download the full programme here if you like 😉

Now on to the full details! We are pleased to let you know that this year…

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The Festival will be run across the Perth Town Hall and the City of Perth Library


Here are the key details you need to know your way around:

In Perth Town Hall you will find

  • The Welcome desk and beginning of the Badge Quest
  • A huge selection of games on both floors
  • The Mature games on the ground floor
  • Panels and Talks in the Supper Room (with AUSLAN Interpreters!)
  • Live podcasts on the main stage

In the Auditorium of the City of Perth Library there will be:

  • Wesley Lamont, Creator of COGZ, teaching games and chaperoning
  • Board games and card games old and new
  • Playtesting/demonstration of new games currently in development
  • Relaxation space

Next up, here is everything you need to know about the Talks and Panels for the Perth Games Festival!

Talks Icon


The full Talks and Panel schedule is now available below, and Auslan Interpreters will be present at them all!


The full Talks listing (taking place in the Supper Room of the Perth Town Hall) is as follows:

10:30AM – 11.30AM
A Chat with Morgan Jaffit

Morgan Jaffit – Director of Defiant Development
Brad Power – Games and Design Lecturer at Murdoch University

Morgan Jaffit has worked in numerous game development studios in Australia including Irrational and Pandemic. Now as the co-founder and director of Defiant Development in Brisbane he has helped bring Ski Safari, Heroes Call, Hand of Fate and most recently the acclaimed and award winning Hand of Fate 2 into our hands. Join us as we talk with Morgan on getting your game out into the world, working with talented developers and creating great games.

11.45PM – 12:45PM
Immersive Sound and Music for VR in FMOD Studio

Josh Hogan Sound Designer and Composer at Soundbyte Studios/ Sandbox Postproduction
Shaun Sandosham – Sound Designer and Composer at Soundbyte Studios /Sandbox Postproduction

Showcasing the soon to be released VR experience “Thalu: The Buried” from Frame VR, Josh and Shaun show you through the nuts and bolts of how FMOD Studio was used to create an immersive and powerful soundtrack. FMOD allows Sound Designers and Musicians to work ‘under the bonnet’ in popular game engines like Unity and Unreal, without the need for a deep scripting knowledge. We’ll look at things like positional 3D binaural sounds, generative music soundtracks that shift with the mood of the experience, as well as complex audio assets that are highly interactive.

LUNCH BREAK (45mins)
1:30PM – 2:30PM
Worldbuilding with The Page

Anthony Sweet – Lead Designer and Writer at Black Lab Games
Ben White – Author and Game Designer
Jacob Janerka – Creator of ‘Paradigm’
Leah Hayward – Crichton- Geologist BSc (Hons)

‘The Page’ is a monthly meetup for interactive writers, game designers, screenwriters and narrative mechanics discussion, and is bringing some of their insights and observations on
World building to Perth Games Festival! With discussion ranging from games attendees have recently played, to projects they are working on, and in-depth analysis of narrative design, The Page is fun opportunity to talk about a common interest in writing and games!

2.45PM – 3.45PM
From Player to Developer

Brad Power – Games and Design Lecturer at Murdoch University
Arsam Samadi – Game Developer at Numbat Byte Games
Sophie Ambrose – Game Creator at Spiral Atlas
Kimberly Larking – Creative Genius at Dark Mirror Games

It has never been easier to get started making games, but with a world full of resources, where do you begin? Our panelists will share their experiences of getting into game development, along with advice for aspiring developers, plus some tips and tricks they have picked up along the way. Whether you have played games your entire life or are just getting started, there’s no reason to stop you from making them too!

auslan_icon   AUSLAN Interpreters from the WA Deaf Society:

Adrian Chia and Christy Filipich

We have two LIVE podcasts recording and broadcasting on the main stage of the Perth Town Hall:

11.30AM – 12.30PM
Pixel Sift

Pixel Sift is a fortnightly podcast based in Western Australia that discusses and analyses the issues and topics making the news in the world of gaming, for both players and game
developers. Each episode features interviews with indie developers from Australia, New Zealand and the world and we ask them; Why do you make games, what does it take to
make a game, and what have you learnt along the way.

1.00PM – 2.00PM
It’s 7LandHand!

Live recorded show of our fortnightly gaming podcast. Featuring Magic the Gathering, board gaming, war gaming, gaming, movie discussion, geek culture and more. Entertaining,
funny, informative and sponsored by Good Games Australia and run out of Good Games Cannington. Our back catalogue of shows (nearly 4 years worth) can be found on iTunes or on our website.

PS- I hear they will have prizes!

And last, but by no means least, for the first time ever, a dedicated space for chilling out and playing some games:

With COGZ creator Wesley Lamont as your host, try your hand at playtesting some new board and card games currently in development!

Browse (and even learn to play) a wide range of games featuring local stars and inspirational favourites that have made board gaming the popular activity it is today!

Relax away from the hustle and bustle of the town hall 🙂

A lot to take in? Download the programme here 😀


If you have any questions, please contact our Festival Coordinator

And of course, we would like to thank the City of Perth for their outstanding ongoing support, and our other amazing sponsors for helping us organise this festival:

*Gold Sponsor*

Binary Space                                Gold Sponsor: Binary Space

*Bronze Sponsors*

Murdoch University                     Bronze Sponsor: Murdoch University

SAE QANTM                                     Bronze Sponsor: SAE

Without the contribution of these sponsors, the Perth Games Festival just would not be possible, so we mean it when we say THANK YOU!

Badge Quest Returns! Heck Yes!
Sponsor the 2017 Perth Games Festival!

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