Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I find the programme/booklet/pamphlet?: HERE 😀

Will there be food and drink for sale at this event?: Nope, but the Perth town hall is bordered by businesses that do, so lunch is just a matter of (safely) crossing the road!

Are the venues air-conditioned? Yes, but if you’re still getting a bit hot you can likely find more comfort in the City of Perth Library 🙂 

Can I eat and drink in the venues?: Yes, you can consume food and drink in both the Perth Town Hall and City of Perth Library Auditorium. We request that you exercise courtesy and avoid eating and drinking while playing games and handling any merchandise though. Alert a volunteer/exhibitor if a spill occurs- honesty and safety are valued highly 🙂

What happens if my small child doesn’t collect all of the Badge Quest badges and still wants a prize (and is threatening to disturb the peace!)?: Speak to the nice volunteers at the Welcome Desk and they’ll see if they have a suitable consolation prize/peace offering.

Who is in charge around here?: That depends on where “here” is:

First Floor of town hall: Jon Hayward (Festival Organiser) 043 898 1317

Ground Floor of town hall/Welcome Desk: Brooke Longville (Festival Coordinator) 040 747 2312

Talks and Podcasts: Colton Onderwater

Miscellaneous: Paul Geronimos (Logistics and Exhibitor Coordinator) 0401 179 756

Miscellaneous: Aaran Giquel (Volunteer Coordinator) 0414 940 599

City of Perth Library Auditorium: Wesley Lamont (Board Game aficionado)

Any one of these fine people should be able to assist you with your query, either directly or indirectly.

Help, I’ve lost my child/parent/property!: Please proceed to the Welcome Desk on the Ground Floor of the Perth Town Hall and speak to the nice volunteers there 🙂

Will there be games and such things to purchase? Yes, at some selected booths  (The Nostalgia Box, Banishment, COGZ{in the Library Auditorium with Wesley Lamont}). However, most of the booths are showing games that are not yet commercially available; these developers will be happy to see people trying out their creations!

What happens when the Badge Quest badges run out? Alas, the badges are limited, so when they’re gone, that’s it! Be an early bird if you’re worried about missing out.

My child (or I) would like to get involved in making games too!: That’s great! The Welcome Desk folks can point out some good booths for you to visit and websites to check out. is a great place to start- follow us on Facebook to stay in touch!





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