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The Games of Festival Past: Part 2

There’s less than two months to go until the 2015 Perth Games Festival, so we’re back with post #2 of The Games of Festivals Past. We’re asking the big questions here, like “Where are they now?”, and “How can I play them?” so that you get the most out of the gaming experiences that Perth has to offer.

So with that, our tale begins not that long ago, in a galaxy somewhere… probably pretty far away…


Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy at PGF2014Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

Set in orbit around the planet Novus, this ‘WEGO’ turned-based strategy drew attendees into battle against an unknown squid-like enemy. Developed by Black Lab Games, Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy was showcased at the 2014 Perth Games Festival prior to its official beta test, and it caught the eye of strategy and space fans alike with an impressive take on 3D space battles.

Since then the game has continued to expand, with even more levels, refined control schemes for an optimal space-commanding experience, and a new skirmish mode to keep the numerous nautilid enemies at bay. Then in June this year, Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy successfully launched on Steam for just $19.99 USD. The game will also be making its way onto the iPad soon, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy early you can sign up for the Beta test now through the Publisher’s site.


Down to One at PGF2014Down to One

This multiplayer game is all about surviving, pitting up to 42 players against one another in an open-world environment. Although a single booths at PGF cannot accommodate such a massive number of players, those we could fit around a table to battle it out certainly enjoyed the experience. Developers Gadget Games have built up a solid community around the game, and are continuing to improve it with regular updates and tournaments.

Down to One is now available via Steam Early Access for $14.99 USD if you’re keen to get in early; The game is also available in packs of 2 and 4 ($24.99 and $44.99 USD respectively) so you can get your friends in on the action and find out who is the ultimate survivor.


Paradigm at PGF2014Paradigm

As the handsome face of the mutant ‘Paradigm’ welcomed players to his post-apocalyptic world of Krusz, so too did the creator Jacob Janerka welcome them to his booth. The alpha demo of this point-and-click adventure game shared a world with the best and worst of 70’s and 80’s flair, an intriguing Eastern Europe edge, and such curious characters as a beat-boxing beetroot, an evil sloth, and pantless superhero THE CONE.

Following a hugely success Kickstarter campaign that got the internet talking, Paradigm smashed its goals and earned 35k allowing the developer to work on the game full time. Jacob has even added games within his game, in the forms of side-scrolling punch fest ‘Boosting Thugs’ and an unnamed post-apocalyptic dating simulator. Paradigm has since been Greenlit on Steam, and is set to come out early next year. You can keep up to date on the game’s progress right here.



And here we have reached the end of Part 2 of The Games of Festivals Past. Stay tuned for more updates on the games featured at last year’s event, plus announcements on the new games hitting the stage in 2015. And don’t forget…

If you are a developer, studio, student or game-making hobbyist, and you want to showcase your game/s at the 2015 Perth Games Festival, Applications are now open for Exhibitor Booths for PGF2015!

PGF 2015 – Exhibitor Applications now Open!

Game developers, studios and students… the time has come to show off your games. The Perth Games Festival is now taking applications for Exhibitors! Last year we had more than 1600 people descend upon the Perth Town Hall to play tabletop games, computer games, tablet games and VR experiences made by 24+ local game-makers. This year we want to make the event even bigger, so come join us!

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in having a booth at this year’s festival, all you need to do is fill in the online Exhibitor Application form here. Also please note that all Australian developers are welcome to apply, however priority will be given to WA game-makers.

Table Packages:

There are options for standard and premium booths, as well as add-ons such as lunch, testing & tagging, and participation in the Achievement Badge Quest.

Exhibitors at PGF 2014STANDARD TABLE ($75)

  • 1.8m trestle table with exhibition tablecloth
  • 2 chairs
  • Access to Power (for 2 devices)
  • Game featured in the PGF programme & website
  • Game featured in as part of a Let’s Make Games news blog post

PREMIUM TABLE ($225) *Limited Number Available*

  • 1.8m trestle table with exhibition feature_gf2014_09tablecloth
  • 2 chairs
  • Access to Power (for 2 devices)
  • 2 partitions for booth backing (for marketing)
  • Prime booth position
  • Game featured in the PGF programme & website
  • Game featured in as part of a Let’s Make Games news blog post
  • Priority placement in games listings (programme & website)
  • Inclusion in the Festival ‘Badge Quest’, with feature in the quest section of the Programme
  • 100 Promotional Achievement Quest Badges (25mm) featuring imagery from your Main Game.

ADD ONs [More Information Available in the Application]

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Equipment Test & Tag
  • Lunch
  • Achievement Badges

Assistance Packages:

Let’s Make Games is a community organisation focussed on supporting Western Australian developers. We want all WA game-makers to have the opportunity to share their work with the public, and we understand that not everyone can afford the full fees and insurance costs associated with exhibiting. If you are a game developer from regional Western Australia, or otherwise require financial support, please let us know. Simply email us via, and we will do what we can to help you get to the festival.

Closing Date:

Applications close October 31st. As an added incentive to get your applications in early, Exhibitors who apply before October 15th will have the chance for their games to feature in PGF marketing – so get in quick to get your game promoted!

We can’t wait to hear about the games you’ve been working on!

Jess Watson
Internal Operations Manager

PGF 2015 – Now Seeking Sponsorship

Quick, simple and to the point, the Perth Games Festival is now seeking sponsorship! Part of what makes the PGF so great is that it is the result of the community coming together to share local works, and support our growing creative industry. So in order to pull off the ideas we have planned, and to make sure this year’s event is an even bigger success than last time, we need your support!

So what will Sponsorship help PGF do?

Well first things first, it will go a long way to help ensure this year’s main event is a special, fun and enjoyable time for all. On top of that, we intend to build on our panels from last year, and have some more great people share their wisdom on the local game scene. We want to make sure these Speakers are treated well, and there are plans to bring over a couple of interstate speakers! We also are planning some interesting ways of promoting this year’s games festival in November, not to mention wanting to plaster the town with posters and the walls of facebook with info on what’s going on. We also have some other secret plans for Festival day, and while we can’t reveal them right now you can be sure it’ll be great fun.

(Click here to down the PGF 2015 Sponsorship Document)

What do you get out of being a Sponsor?

In addition to that warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting local creatives, sponsoring the festival has a range of benefits. Depending on the sponsorship level, lending your assistance could gain you prime logo placement on the site and promotional documents, content space in the event program, or even a name-share in the festival!

There are of course many other rewards to being a sponsor, so if you’re interested check out our information booklet to your right! It also goes into more detail about the Perth Games Festival, what we did last year and what we’re looking to do this year.

To put your name down to sponsor the Festival…

Simply fill out a Sponsorship Agreement Form and we will be in contact with you shortly.  Alternatively, contact Becky, Jess and myself via if you would like to have a chat first.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jon Hayward
Director – 2015 Perth Games Festival

The Games of Festival Past: Where are they Now? Part 1

Last year saw the Perth Games Festival open for the first time to a sea of people eager to delve into the vibrant world of games and game development that we have here in Western Australia. In the lead up to the 2015 Festival this November, we’ll be taking the opportunity to look back at some of the games and studios featured at last year’s inaugural event.

Which games are available now? What has been updated? Let’s take a look behind post number one….


SKGames_GunDash_th1 SKGames_GunDash_th2 SKGames_GunDash_th3

Gun Dash

This local multiplayer game took over the big screen at PGF 2014, challenging 4 players with a race to the finish line using pistols for propulsion and protection. This title is one of many arcade games developed by local studio SK Games, and features custom-built fluffy cow-hide style controls to match the Western theme.

Thankfully, as most living rooms cannot accommodate 4 cow-hide control consoles, the crew from SK have also created a standard PC & Mac version of the game for your playing pleasure. Gun Dash is available now from the studio’s curated store Backyard.SK as either a Digital copy ($6+) or Physical copy ($15 on CD or USB).


RAEZ_Cogz_th1 RAEZ_Cogz_th2 RAEZ_Cogz_th4 RAEZ_Cogz_th3


In the foyer of the Perth Town Hall sat a giant game for the evil genius in all of us. It took the form of the ludicrously large edition of COGZ, a boardgame by RAEZ. Combining evil scientists, steampunk and puzzles, COGZ is a game for 2-6 players that is colour-blind accessible and Mensa approved!

While unfortunately the super-cool-but-equally-enourmous ‘ludicrous edition’ of the game has sold out, the normal tabletop-sized version out now following a successful Kickstarter campaign. If you’re keen to grab your very own copy of Cogz, it is available for just $42 (with free shipping) at the RAEZ store.


CryHavoc_DeadEndAlley_th1 CryHavoc_DeadEndAlley_th3 CryHavoc_DeadEndAlley_th2

Dead End Alley

Armed with an Oculus headset and plastic chainsaw, Festival attendees were tasked with mowing down colourful cartoon zombies in virtual reality. Developed by Cry Havoc Games in association with Stirfire Studios, Dead End Alley is actually a mobile game – but lucky for us they took things one step further and at PGF 2014 we got to see some great real-world chainsaw action.

This pocket-sized zombie slaying simulator is available now with a free demo on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can test out your chainsaw skills, and if you’re keen for more carnage it doesn’t cost much (≈ $1) to upgrade to the full game!


Well that wraps up Part 1 of The Games of Festival Past. We at Let’s Make Games are all about supporting the local game-making scene, so we’re super happy to see local developers and their creative works doing well.
Stay tuned for more updates on the games featured at last year’s event, plus announcements on the new games hitting the stage in 2015. And just one last reminder…

If you are a developer, studio or student interested in sharing your games at the 2015 Perth Games Festival, we are currently taking expressions of interest for exhibitor booths!  Applications are now open for Exhibitor Booths for PGF2015!

Hello and Welcome to the Perth Games Festival for 2015!


I’m sitting here at my computer with this welcome post the last job to do before we launch the new site and just kind of stuck on what to say.  We’ve prepped the new site, prepared a shiny new media release, written a nice form for everyone to register their interest to exhibit, opened up dedicated twitter and facebook accounts and even prepared a mailing list if you want to be updated directly in your inbox.  The only thing I haven’t done is finish writing this welcome post and I’ll be honest, that’s because this is difficult to write.

And that’s because I’m stepping into pretty big shoes, Anthony Sweet was the previous ring-leader of Lets Make Games and he ran a pretty tight ship (now he writes ships in tight situations!) and while I had the pleasure of working with Anthony on last year’s PGF and this year’s Global Game Jam in my usual logistical capacity it only further emphasized the sheer mountain of work he completed year after year.  But I know everything will be fine, both Becky and Jess have returned to assist with organising PGF and I couldn’t ask for a better team (they have already been handed their pickaxes).  All I need to do is put everything I’ve done over the years into practice as the person in charge ^_^;

So here’s the important announcement, the Perth Games Festival will be held on Saturday the 28th of November at the Perth Town Hall (mark that date down now, or add it to your gcal!) and with thanks to the City of Perth you will still be able to enter, check out the games and chat to developers for free!  We have made a few small changes, for starters this year we’re taking up the entire Perth Town Hall (both floors!) and we have already changed our floor plan so you will be (in theory) less cramped both demonstrating and checking out the great games Perth has to offer.

So what will you see at this year’s festival?  Well we’re working towards organising one or two developer focused events during the week on the lead-up to the Saturday, hopefully presenting talks and providing opportunities to chat and meet other developers.  Then when it comes to the showcase you will see local developers showing their newest games, games that need dice, games that have been put together the night before, games that make you think, and some devs might even return with a game from the previous year so you can see how far it’s come since the last festival.  And we’re working to incorporate more analog and pervasive forms of gaming into the festival.  What I know for sure is that Western Australia has plenty of amazing game developers from all ages and walks of life and coming together for the festival will be a pretty fun time for all.

In the meantime we’ll get back to organising PGF, don’t hesitate to follow those links in my opening paragraph and if you want to drop us a line is always open.

I look forward to working with you all this year!
Hope you’re having a good one!

Jon Hayward
Festival Director