Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly

Describe your game in a tweet.
Dogfight with cute animals. Take a WW1 biplane into frantic local multiplayer battles. With flamethrowers, freeze rays, anvils and more!
What inspires you to make games?
Seeing people having fun while they’re playing our games is the ultimate inspiration. Imagining other people around the world having the same reaction is what we dream of.
What’s the best thing about making a game?
There are so many things. Apart from seeing people playing the game, the best thing is probably when you try out a new idea, and it turns out to be spectacularly fun.
What advice would you give to aspiring game makers?
Be persistent. There is a lot to learn. Keep improving your skills. Being in a team can help with motivation. If you’re a solo, then talking to other developers can help too.

Platform: PC

Players: 8

Studio: DogMelon


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