Emperor Penguin

Describe your game in a tweet.

Take control of your icy destiny by beating your opponents to claim your icy throne. The aim of the game is simple, push your opponents off the iceberg to be the last penguin standing! The first penguin to win 3 rounds is declared the winner and becomes the ultimate Emperor Penguin. Slip and slide across the ice as you collect buffs to improve your chances, but watch your energy! If you run out, you are at risk and won’t be able to use your abilities leaving you open for an Orca feeding frenzy.

What inspires you to make games?
What’s the best thing about making a game?
What advice would you give to aspiring game makers?

Platform: PC

Players: 4

Studio: Krill’n It

Website: krillnit.tumblr.com/

Edith Cowan University