It Will Be Hard

Describe your game in a tweet.
It Will Be Hard is an interactive graphic novel telling the story of Arthur and Harold – two men, with two polar opposite sexualities, working together toward one mutually fulfilling relationship.
What inspires you to make games?
I make games and comics to see things that I would have loved to see as a teenager – and still would love to see now – that I don’t get to see made. Hopeful and happy and optimistic stories give me a future to look forward to.
What’s the best thing about making a game?
Being an independent developer means that you can make whatever the heck you want! You get to be the author of things that you don’t see – you get to turn those things into reality! I’ll continue making sweet and sappy queer games and comics and no one can stop me!
What advice would you give to aspiring game makers?
Get to know your scenes – be it games or comics. Volunteer, go to meet-ups, find your peers and lift each other up. It’s good to have role-models and those to look up to, to have a destination of what and where you want to reach in mind. But it’s your peers who will be there for you. You’ll grow and learn alongside each other, and that bond is worth just as much as getting a coffee with your favourite developer!

Platform: PC

Players: 1

Studio: Hien Pham


North Metro TAFE