Tower of Aegis

Describe your game in a tweet.
A bouncy, fun, one-more-go, procedural generated platformer with rogue-like elements. Fight foes and distance to get to the top of the high-score board.
What inspires you to make games?
Games for me are a creative outlet and make me a better designer.
What’s the best thing about making a game?
These past 5 years seeing with the games I’ve released, how much I have improved with each one. Not just maturing but a growth that is almost completely fueled by determination is very rewarding.
What advice would you give to aspiring game makers?
If you are passionate about something and you are able to do it already, continue developing your skills and abilities. One day you might be able to do it as a career! The hardest barrier to overcome is oneself.

Platform: PC

Players: 1

Studio: Jakal Studios


North Metro TAFE
Interactive Holographic Demos