Describe your game in a tweet.
Yoink! is a single-player platform puzzle game. Sausagus Pigletus is but a defenceless pig whom you must painstakingly drag out of harm’s way. This pig’s head and rear are independent of each other and must be controlled separately. While this can be a difficult way of walking around, this also gives life to the sausage mechanic. To escape the labyrinths containing poor Pigletus, you must use his ability to stretch out like a pork sausage in order to surpass obstacles and unlock doors. All the while, you must beware the enemies that lurk with a taste for bacon.
What inspires you to make games?
Georgia: What inspires you to make games? I wasn’t inspired to make games until I saw a documentary on the development process of the game “The Last of Us” by Naughty Dog. Seeing how a game is created from the ground up really inspired me to study and learn more about video game development. Since then I have always had an appreciation for game development.
What’s the best thing about making a game?
Alex: What is the best thing about making a game? Making a game is both enjoyable and a painful process at the same time. There are days where everything works great and you make amazing progress and there are some days where nothing works the way it does, and problems arise even though they were working fine before. These challenges are what I think are the best thing when making a game. Nothing is more satisfying than getting your game to a working state and having people play it.
What advice would you give to aspiring game makers?
Tom: What advice would you give to aspiring game makers? No matter your skill level, there’s a lot of resources and tutorials out there, from digital art to 3D modelling. You can surprise yourself by what you can learn. Make sure you check that it’s the right version of software.

Platform: PC

Players: 1

Studio: Roundabout Games

Website: yoinkroundaboutgames.blogspot.com/

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